Barry Goff

Billionaire tech wizard, founder and funder of The Cloven Project

Barry Goff has jokingly described himself as: “The fourth or fifth richest person in the world, depending on which list you’re reading, and screw you, too, The Wall Street Journal.” The tech genius made his first fortune in the early software boom of the late 80’s, and, in the intervening years, he has nimbly leapfrogged from tech-boom to tech-boom, growing his fortune into one of the Top Ten in the world, without debate. His fascination with emerging technologies, especially in the world of biology and genetics, has resulted in the emergence of Prometheus Industries as a dominant player on CRISPR/bio-engineering speculative investment landscape. Prometheus projects include Eagle Rock Laboratories, an edgy top-flight genetics research center in the Cascade Mountains that also underwrites the local town’s Fourth of July fireworks display, as well as a “biohacker friendly co-working laboratory,” known as Aerie Farms, on Vashon Island. Information on the nature of research undertaken at Aerie Farms is unavailable. For five years, the center was under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Langner.

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