Carkeek Park Seattle

Anarchists Rage in Carkeek Park, Seattle

Monday, June 12, 2017

CARKEEK PARK, Seattle – Police arrested 39 self-proclaimed anarchists who were illegally assembled in Carkeek Park early Saturday morning. Drugs, alcohol and blunt-force weapons were found at the scene. The protestors were confronted by police officials at 3:22 AM and ordered to disburse. The park closes to the public at 10:00 PM. After refusing to disburse, the protestors were taken into custody.

The anarchists are not affiliated with any specific anarchy association or group, as anarchists do not affiliate. However, an announcement encouraging the illegal assembly was posted to a well-known electronic bulletin board on the darknet that appeals to anarchist sensibilities. Police said that many of the protestors had to be subdued forcibly. Non-lethal weapons were deployed by police, including rubber bullets and Tasers, or “stun guns.”

Police Chief Henry Wales said of the arrests, “Rules are rules, even for antichrists [sic].” He went on to say, “We will not allow rampant hooliganism to ruin our public spaces. Even if it’s while everyone is sleeping.” Chief Wales went on to detail that many if not all of the protestors were not wearing any clothes when apprehended. “Nude,” he said. “Buck naked.”

The protestors were all males between the ages of 14 and 20. Further details are unavailable, due to the ages of those apprehended.

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