Crosscut — A 2020 bright spot: this comic book about a Seattle goat boy

The Cloven is likely to be the Seattle-iest book you’ll read all year. The new coming-of-age graphic novel follows a part-goat, part-boy named James “Tuck” Tucker, who was created in a secret laboratory on Vashon Island and escapes from captivity into Seattle’s homeless community.

Extra DNA May Make Unlikely Hybrid Fish Possible

Their mothers were Russian sturgeons , their fathers were American paddlefish. “Sturddlefish” go shockingly far beyond classic crossbreeds like mules and ligers, whose parent species sit close together on the tree of life. Sturddlefish result from the merger of different taxonomic families.


Starburst Review

Author Garth Stein is known for projects from an intriguing point of view. His 2008 novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, is told from the perspective of a dog, and hung out on the New York Times bestseller list for three years. It remains to be seen if the writer’s newest project, The Cloven – a graphic novel with artist Matthew Southworth, a fellow Seattle resident – will reach such lofty heights, but the conceit behind the story is certainly fascinating.

The Truth About Glofish

Bob and Dawn,
Glofish are genetically modified so they look cool.
Sometimes I think I’d like to be modified so I looked cool.
Here’s a video about the pros and cons, ethics, etc.

Meet the biohacker using CRISPR to teach everyone gene editing

What a name! Josiah Zayner! I mean, if you’re gonna be a biohacker, you need a great name! I’ve got his simplest kit in my office now. I’m going to try it. If it works, I’ll try the next one up. Drella says I’m not allowed to do the tree frog mod. Bummer.

To be Delivered Upon my Demise

Hey, Bob and Dawn, I don’t know if this is legit. Jake Arthur is (was?) a reporter for The Stranger. He was working on a story about the homeless encampments in the Jungle. I know someone who knows him. Anyway, this Jake guy started acting a little strange, apparently…

Jake Arthur
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