Anita Tucker

Field psychologist, James Tucker’s “Mother”

Anita TuckerJen Fergus, a.k.a. Anita Tucker, is a field psychologist, specializing in human/animal interaction. She earned her Ph.D. from Colorado State University, studying the effects of epigenetics on bovine personality disorders. After earning her degree, she took a position at Aerie Farms, a privately financed research center on Vashon Island, Washington. She was later recruited into a long-term deep-modeling research initiative, known as the Cloven Project, where she lived an assumed life for sixteen years. Asked her plans after withdrawing from the Cloven Project, she thought a moment and said: “I’d like to write a book about it. It would be a great book. But they’d kill me. So maybe I’ll go buy an island somewhere near an equator.”

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