Garth Stein Fan Page Deleted by Facebook. The Timing Looks Suspicious.

From: Bob <>

To: Garth <>

Subject: Facebook Fan Page

Hey Garth,

A few months ago we discovered that the GarthSteinAuthor fan page had been deleted by Facebook because of supposed violation of page terms. We don’t know exactly when this started or why. Dawn and I have been trying for months to get info from FB. We’ve submitted multiple appeals and made multiple attempts to get through to them, but so far no response.  Unless you know something about this that we don’t, we may be nearing a point where we have to give up, cut our losses, and create a new fan page from scratch.

This is bad, but we’ve concluded we’ll probably just have to start a new GS Facebook fan page. We’d get it repopulated with a year or so worth of posts shared from your personal page, then focus on rebuilding fans and using it for Cloven.

This might be a stretch, but FB deleted the GarthSteinAuthor page right about the time you started promoting your upcoming book about the Cloven. As you know, billionaire tech wizard Barry Goff was one of Mark Zuckerberg’s early mentors. Could it be that Goff called in a favor from Zuck when he saw that his secret (and probably illegal) Cloven Project was about to be exposed? The timing looks pretty fishy to me.

Maybe we could get the page back by getting enough GS fans to sign a petition to FB. Then it would just depend on how loyal Zuckerberg is to Goff. I suspect Goff still wields enough dark power that it wouldn’t be successful. But might be worth a try.

Let me know what you think.


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