Media Coverage of The Cloven

  • Crosscut — A 2020 bright spot: this comic book about a Seattle goat boy - The Cloven is likely to be the Seattle-iest book you'll read all year. The new coming-of-age graphic novel follows a part-goat, part-boy named James “Tuck” Tucker, who was created in a secret laboratory on Vashon Island and escapes from captivity into Seattle’s homeless community.
  • Nerds from the Underground — Goat Boy’s Revenge - In an all-new, fun action-packed episode @poetheir33 & @chazsimons dive deep into some body horror epicness with Cloven by Garth Stein & Matthew Southworth!
  • Garth - Matt - Cloven The Seattle Times – Everett illustrator Matthew Southworth and Seattle author Garth Stein sync up for debut graphic novel ‘The Cloven’ - Author Garth Stein and artist Matthew Southworth are like two guys who were thinking about starting a band together — only they started a book instead.
  • Starburst Review - Author Garth Stein is known for projects from an intriguing point of view. His 2008 novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, is told from the perspective of a dog, and hung out on the New York Times bestseller list for three years. It remains to be seen if the writer's newest project, The Cloven - a graphic novel with artist Matthew Southworth, a fellow Seattle resident - will reach such lofty heights, but the conceit behind the story is certainly fascinating.
  • Comics Bookcase Review - The Cloven: Book One has a great first line, a great first page, and a great first opening sequence…and this work just evolves from there, keeping the level of graphic sequential storytelling quality high throughout...Put simply, you should pre-order The Cloven: Book One today, before it ends up on all of the best comics of the year lists come December.
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