A graphic novel by Garth Stein with Matthew Southworth

The Cloven by Garth SteinBOOK ONE
Published by Fantagraphics.
The first in a series…

Wildly, dizzyingly imaginative, and grimly allegorical. At times it fairly ‘bleats’ with wry humor, and the art is spectacular. Can’t wait for the next two installments!

– Erik Larson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Devil in the White City

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“Put simply, you should pre-order The Cloven: Book One today, before it ends up on all of the best comics of the year lists come December.”

– Zack Quaintance, Comics Bookcase

THE CLOVEN BOOK ONE stars James Tucker, the most successful genetically modified human organism ever created. Conceived in a privately financed, top-secret laboratory on Washington State’s Vashon Island, Tucker is a cross between a human and a goat — a Cloven. Known to his friends as Tuck, all he wants is to live a normal life as a university student; everything is going fine, until he shows a girl his hoofs…Moody and mysterious and atmospheric as a fever dream, The Cloven Book One follows Tuck’s breakneck journey across the Pacific Northwest as he searches for a place to belong.

Book One of a dynamic, atmospheric, and wryly funny graphic novel trilogy by two bestselling and critically acclaimed storytellers.

The Cloven Book One features a special full-color four page fold-out spread.

“This is a story about the manipulation of Truth that we live with constantly in our society, the fragmentation of reality. A world where facts are malleable; where genetic ‘experiments’ live in the margins while we look the other way; where billionaires and secret societies decide the fate of our world; where we believe the scripted television news over something we’ve actually seen; and yet where searching for one’s place in the world — searching for one’s home — is still the most powerful yearning of a person’s soul.” — Garth Stein

Homeless people in Seattle’s notorious urban Jungle, secret labs, a gentle scientist who believes lonely genetic mutations need love, gorgeous illustrations, and a new species of gifted goat people in our midst as mythic as the Sasquatch — The Cloven has it all in a suspenseful debut.

– Charles Johnson, National Book Award winnin author of Middle Passage

From the first stark, cut-you-to-the-bone scene, The Cloven is riveting—a delightful modern-day twist on the Frankenstein story. The writing is stylistically dark; the art is vivid and strikingly beautiful. Stein and Southworth have created a masterful and unique world.

– Neal Bascomb, New York Times bestselling author of The Winter Fortress and Faster!

The Cloven makes me believe in comics, in art on the page, in the beauty of an image, in the intimacy of a story that moves from the mind to the hand the then to the imagination of the reader. Mostly it makes me believe—truly believe —in a hero that comics champion better than any other medium: the underdog.

– Chelsea Cain, New York Times bestselling author and Eisner Award nominee

The Cloven is a daring graphic novel that casts light on a dark fictional world, full of stories yet to be told.

– Foreword Reviews

This unusual collaboration stands out from the crowd of similar superpowered mutants bucking the system.

– Publishers Weekly

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